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SEW Unstoppable | SEW-Eurodrive Canada

Industry experts know that excellence is a moving point along the path of progress. The business that stands still is the business that is quickly overwhelmed. With that in mind, it's essential to have the best experts possible to provide you with the level of support that you need.


Our sales and applications personnel aren't just trained in the latest technologies we use, they're the people that help create and improve them.  This radically inclusive approach is reflected in our products, as well as our incredible product support; gone are the days of waiting for an issue to travel a long, circuitous route before finding its way to a solution. We are on-hand when you need us. Period.

With an expert as your point of contact, issues are paired with solutions in a fraction of the time. This means more up-time, less down-time, and the confidence to meet any challenge boldly without hesitation.

Everyone claims to be number one and to offer the best, but we know only the customers can determine that. Downtime hurts; we understand. Let us simplify your choice for complete drive automation. SEW-EURODRIVE is constantly creating new methods to improve our products, services, and customer outcomes. Our goals are to keep your uptime up and your downtime down. SEW unstoppable consists of:

»24-7/365 service across Canada
»Pre-configured spares in-stock or assembled within hours coast to coast
»Servicing all types of gear motors regardless of brand or make
»Complete Drive Service-CDS®
»Complete Drive Management-CDM®
»Product Integration and Selection Support
»Product innovation and customized solutions – Custom is our standard!
»Continuously improving our process our relationships, our post sales support and customer outcomes

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