Custom is our standard. How we see drive automation solutions.

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Custom is our standard. How we see drive automation solutions.

We believe that solutions are only as great as the people who make them, and accordingly, we treat each project as a unique challenge to be met. We boldly provide the best drive products for your investment, and the second-to-none support to back it up.


Have an existing drive solution that's showing its age? We can service, replace, or upgrade any drive system regardless of make, with a minimum amount of down-time. This is the result of our passionate commitment to providing solutions, not restrictions, and our robust supply chain network.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we constantly strive to pair the elegance of simplicity with the power of flawless function. We understand that truly dynamic businesses use the leveraging power of smart investment to carve out new opportunities, thereby creating a formula for long-term success.

SEW Integrated is part of our consultative selling philosophy; it is our unique ability to integrate our products seamlessly into your design plans while implementing the most cost- and energy-efficient solutions for your project. As integrated specialists, we are constantly learning more about the intricacies of each industry we serve. “We are constantly creating new and effective methods to improve our products, our processes, and our client relationships. We need to become our customers to succeed,” says Anthony Peluso, Chief Operating Officer, SEW-Eurodrive of Canada. Integration involves combining two processes or systems into one effective solution, SEW-Eurodrive’s SEW Integrated philosophy allows our customers to be creative in their design concepts while having the reassurance that the drive systems and electronics will be built to their exact specifications.

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