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An art as much as a science, beer making depends equally on the talent of the brewmaster and the quality of the ingredients.

Premium brewing employs a time-honoured process in which natural ingredients are blended in myriad combinations and brewed in small batches to produce beers that range from contemporary light brews to 'Old World' porter.

Adding to the complexity of producing a choice beer- is the challenge of managing and maintaining a highly efficient bottling line that runs 24 hours a day, five days a week with an uninterrupted shift changeover.

“Every action involved in producing the quality of beer our customers expect is interrelated- sanitization, pasteurization, labelling, and packaging have to be constantly in sync. One small error can result in the disposal of entire batches, and this can’t happen.”

“Having dealt with Eurodrive at my previous job, I was delighted to see their gear motors mounted to our bottling line when I joined Sleeman 14 years ago. "I guess you could say that the Eurodrive and Sleeman relationship gets better over time."

“Everything I enjoyed about Eurodrive was apparent at Sleeman. The quality of their products, in my opinion, is second to none, and they are constantly being improved. Our designated representative (Dave Roselli) has a sincere appreciation for what is involved in our day-to-day operation and communicates this to his engineers and the rest of Eurodrive. When there is a problem, he comes to the table with solutions and makes himself available day and night!”

“I’d like to thank Dave and the rest of SEW-Eurodrive for 15 years of great products and service and for demonstrating how good working relationships benefits everyone.”

Best regards,
Chuck Mankinen, Maintenance Manager,
Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

Chuck Mankinen, Sleeman (right), enlightens the SEW United Team and Dave Roselli, SEW (left)

Chuck Mankinen, Sleeman (right), enlightens the SEW United Team and Dave Roselli, SEW (left), on the subject of relationships and why they need to work.

If you operate a bottling line or have plans to build or improve one, contact Dave Roselli to find out how SEW-EURODRIVE can help you keep your uptime up and your downtime down.

Dave Roselli | MRO Regional Manager



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