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Yes, they're diggin'it.
The SEW united Tour continues. This month we chat with the V.P. of Rail-Veyor® to discuss its success. “Rail-Veyor® is an automated material haulage system for surface and underground mining applications which combines many of the best features from rail, conveyor, and truck haulage all in one complete system. Our value is at depth; our purpose is to continuously improve all aspects of the mining process and ultimately pioneer the electrification of mines. Rail-Veyor® works with large mining companies to assess and implement cost-effective methods that will dramatically reduce their initial infrastructure set-up costs, decrease their carbon footprints, and create uninterrupted flows of material haulage. Engineering a unified material haulage system necessitates working with competent partners who are willing to understand the project as a whole. SEW has proven to be a valued asset by demonstrating its unique ability to interpret our design plans and by seamlessly integrating their products into our systems. SEW’s sales and support teams always make themselves available and are ready to act when called upon. We enjoy their never-say-no attitudes and we are looking forward to working with them on our next phase of development. Yes, we made it SEW!”.

Patrick Fantin
Vice President, Technical



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