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SEW-Eurodrive’s efficient drive solutions can be part of your cost savings equation because it offers high volume food and beverage producers the opportunity to significantly reduce their power consumption by switching out inefficient gear motors and drives to highly efficient ones.  As drive system specialists, we fully appreciate the time and investment it will take to get your drive system running to maximum efficiency. Our objective is to demonstrate the real value of upgrading, and proving that the total cost of ownership easily justifies the investment.  Let’s start the discussion and move towards making more for less.

On December 28, 2016, the Amendment 13 of the Canadian energy efficiency legislation was published and will take effect on June 28, 2017. After June 28, 2017, motors manufactured after June 1, 2016, which are imported into Canada or are shipped between provinces, must comply with the Amendment 13 regulations. For motors sold within provinces, provincial efficiency legislation will apply.

The Amendment 13 will align the Canadian legislation with the US (DOE) standards that came into effect in the USA on June 1, 2016. Also, since January 1, 2017, the third stage of the European regulation EC no. 640/2009 is in effect, requiring that motors for line operation, must meet the IE3 efficiency level.

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