Take five. Say hello to Normand Paradis

Take Five. Say Hello to Normand Paradis

Contact Normand Paradis
Normand Paradis
Sales & Operations Manager, Eastern Canada
Eastern Canada
Direct Line: (514) 367-1124
Toll Free: 1-800-567-8039
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“Throughout my 26 years with SEW-Eurodrive, I have witnessed a lot of changes and shifts in industries, processes and technology, but one thing that has never changed is the personal attention and the commitment we deliver to our customers every day. I know everyone says that; however, I truly believe that my team’s strength is its ability to understand that it's not just selling our customers drive solutions: it's selling them on our philosophy of personal attention."

“Yes, I will admit that it helps having a global presence and a 24-7-365 operation, but that doesn’t mean we are too busy to go and see the client personally.  What drives us every day is not making claims that we are the best in drive automation—it’s proving it!"

“If you want to improve your current drive system or developing a new one, consider the added value and the personal attention that SEW-Eurodrive can deliver.”

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