Emanuel Frantz " Manny" | SEW-Eurodrive

Meet Emanuel Frantz-" Manny" SEW-Eurodrive Assembler

If you have ever purchased an SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor or gearbox, the odds are very high that it passed by “Manny’s” workbench.

Every gearbox and motor that leaves the SEW-Eurodrive Brampton assembly plant is, in fact, hand-assembled and is meticulously inspected and tested by one of our highly trained assemblers, such as Manny.

Manny came to Canada from Malta in the mid-1970s and brought with him a passion for German cars—driving them, fixing them, and enjoying them. He felt that it would only make sense to join a company that was as obsessed with German engineering and performance as he was.

Manny joined the SEW team in 1980, and according to SEW Human Resources, “He made it an easy choice.” Even though he is well-known for his antics and his candidness around the plant, he shifts quickly into work mode and applies his mechanical skills to produce quality products that are nothing short of perfection.

We asked Manny what he would do if he had millions of dollars sitting in the bank? His response was. . .  “I would work only three days a week."

Manny can assemble more than 20 units per day, and he is ready and available to put in some overtime at a moment's notice. With his work ethic and passion, it was evident that SEW had become his second home.

SEW-Eurodrive would like to thank Manny for 34 years of fantastic work and for his positive attitude in the workplace, which is infectious. From all of us at SEW-Eurodrive, “we look forward to many more years with you, and we thank you for making it SEW!

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