Meet our Inside Sales Representative—Earl Hunter.


Add seven years of inside sales experience to a dash of outspokenness, mix in a few languages and a stack of positivity, and what do you get? Earl Hunter—one of SEW-Eurodrive’s newest bilingual inside sales representatives. Earl brings with him an impressive seven-plus years of drive automation sales experience and an arsenal of positivity, industry knowledge, and consultative selling—and, yes, he can also cook! 

We caught up with Earl—the self-proclaimed foodie—for a chat at a local eatery. “Business first” was his opening statement. “Let’s get down to business, and then we can enjoy our food.” Right out of the gate, Earl is all business.

We asked Earl to share his work history and his reasons for making it SEW. “I’ve been in this industry for over seven years, and during that time I have built a solid reputation for being the go-to guy for OEMs and distributors. I did consider switching to a different industry. However, I’ve acquired so much knowledge about drive automation, I didn’t want to lose touch with the industry itself or the relationships I have built.”

Earl joined SEW-Eurodrive in late 2015. We asked Earl what he felt was a notable difference between his past employer and SEW-Eurodrive. 

“My previous work environment adopted a competitive workplace culture—not competition against companies, but among its employees. And even though competitiveness is in my nature, I have always believed that working as a unit will yield a better workplace and ultimately a better result. I just was not able to exercise this belief—that is, until I joined SEW-Eurodrive. 

“Shortly after accepting the role of an inside sales representative, I was immediately impressed by the unity of the entire inside sales department. The environment was competitive, but not internally; we were competing as a team—our team versus their team. This workplace culture is a prime example of how combined knowledge and teamwork is a company’s most powerful asset. Witnessing this team effort within the first few months, I realized why SEW-Eurodrive is successful and considered by many to be the drive leader. I believe the most successful companies share information, which builds trust between employees and customers.” 

We asked Earl how this shift in his new work environment affects his attitude, work ethic, and overall well-being.

“I am no longer competing against my colleagues; I am a part of a united team competing for excellence. This philosophy aligns perfectly with my driven nature—I just utilize it in a different way. I also feel a great sense of value and trust; it feels like I have gained a second family. People say work is like your second home, and I view this in a literal sense, so I have showcased my culinary skills to my department by cooking up some of my classic dishes, including Curry Chicken and my all-time favourite, Jerk Chicken. Why do I do this? Because it’s who I am, and that’s what I do for both of my families.”

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